DrillAssistant program details

Detailed description

The operation is very easy. The program can test you in the following ways:

  • Training: You take your answer in mind and check yourself after pressing a space.
  • Multiple choice: Besides the correct answer the program shows 3 other (incorrect) answers. You must make a choice, the program checks if it is the right one.
  • Fill In: You have to enter the answer completely, the program checks it.

The program has the following options:

  • Exchange questions and answers. Handy with foreign language words.
  • Repeat wrongly answered questions until the are good.
  • Allow little misspellings during fill in
  • Do a spot check from the complete list

Other possibilities:

  • Save all questions answered wrong more than once in a separate table, for extra test later.
  • Load more tables at once.
  • Intelligent multiple choice function searches for equal sounding questions/answers.